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Counterweight vibrator / hydraulic / multi-product
400 - 4 000 kN | HVB TÜNKERS


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The Tünkers Hydraulic vibration drivers are focused around the guideline of synchronization toward oneself and produce perfect directional vibrations. Self-synchronization is created by the centrifugal force and the useful idea in one altered and one uninhibitedly movable vibration body. Since there are no gears and transmissions in this pattern, oil grease is not needed.

The vibrators has a shafts with unpredictably mounted masses running in restricting headings and are driven by hydraulic motors that transmit the torque specifically to the excenter shafts. No high working temperatures are produced and the clamor emanation is low. The pragmatic encounters have ended up being the most suitable idea for vibration machines. There are no collapses due to transmission harm and no decrease of the lifespan of the roller bearings.


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