1-axis inclinometer / 2-axis / CANopen
B2N, B1N series TURCK


  • Number of axes:

    1-axis, 2-axis

  • Output signal:


  • Inclination:

    Min.: 0 °

    Max.: 360 °

  • Resolution:

    0.01 °


Inclination means the corresponding angular lean to a horizon or perpendicular. TURCK produces inclinometers that can detect easily and accurately whether there are changes from the base position (perpendicular). They utilize the local gravity to measure the angular tilt. They are based on MEMS technology (Mikro-Elektro-Mechanic-Systems) which allows various operation solutions for machines, roboters, vehicles and airplanes and solar plants. TURCK's product portfolio is presently comprised of inclinometers which is rectangular in housing Q20L60 and consists of the following dimensions: ±10°, ±45° und ±60°. All forms feature analog voltage or current outputs, and has zero calibration +/-5° via pin 5.


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