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Liquid ring vacuum pump / single-stage / dry / industrial
AF series Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems


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    liquid ring

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Tuthill Kinney liquid ring, single-stage A series vacuum pumps provide flows up to 600 CFM or 1020 m³/h and vacuum levels up to 29" Hg (25 Torr/33 mbar abs). There is no contact among operating parts in the casing. Motor overload is prevented due to the flat power curve over the complete vacuum range. There is lower stress on bearings and motor shaft. Any build-up of heat is prevented by the improved water capability, which also increases durability of mechanical seals. Pumping performance is improved with the shrouded rotor design, leading to high vacuum and reduced water consumption.

The pumps are ideal for extraction of soil vapor, processing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, sterilization, solvent distillation/vapor recovery, degasifiers, evaporators, autoclaves, central vacuum systems, deaeration, filtration, and extruders. They provide several material options. These include bronze, cast iron, bronze fitted cast iron, Ni-Resist, Alloy 20, stainless steel and Hastelloy.


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