centrifugal clutch / spring / bi-directional


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The FlexiClutch incorporates the features of a highly flexible coupling and an automatic centrifugal clutch, while being more compact and economic than the two units separately.

Flexible cylindrical blocks in the central hub support a set of weighted lined shoes. This allows substantial deflection under load and imparts torsional flexibility with damping. The blocks can be changed to push the critical speeds of transmission systems outside of their operating range. Alternative hardness blocks can be used to provide lower stiffness values when needed (with corresponding change in the nominal torque rating).

The shoes have compression springs disposed radially under them. These provide an adjustable restraint for precisely controlling the speed at which the shoes move to contact the drum (engaging speed). Drive units are dimensionally interchangeable with the link designs, and use the same shaft hubs, drums, and adapter flanges.

These clutches are truly bi-directional, having equal slip torque characteristics in both directions of rotation.