disc brake caliper / spring activated / electromagnetic release



  • Type:


  • Operation:

    spring activated, electromagnetic release


The MX series offers a wide array of caliper disk brakes that are spring actuated and electromagnetically released. They are available in several versions. This includes the MX13, is used for discs that are sized at 12.7 mm, the MX25, suitable for discs that are sized at 25.4-mm; the MX40 designed for 30-mm discs; and, the MX40 used for discs measuring 40-mm.

The MX calipers are specially engineered to be fitted with any of the Twiflex series of thrusters, and are constructed with an innovative link mechanism that guarantees similar pad wear. A standard of 2 calipers are utilized for a single disc but the numbers may vary depending on the size of the disc. Each brake can be fixed at any angle around the are of the disc but can be more efficient if it is installed in a horizontal manner.