Friction clutch / hydraulic
HP 1200 series Twin Disc


  • Type:


  • Operation:


  • Rotational speed:

    1800 rpm (11309.73 rad.min-1)


Power Take-Offs
Hydraulically actuated and self-adjusting wet clutch
Suitable for in-line and side-load applications
Advanced control system for smooth engagement
Remote actuation via J1939 or switch input
No pilot bearing
High side load capability
Maximum power rating 1243 HP @1800 rpm
Two towers with two pump pads each
400 HP maximum capacity per tower
550 HP maximum capacity for both towers
Available pump pads: SAE “A”, SAE “B”, SAE “C”, SAE”D”, SAE “E”
Pump tower rotatable by 0 degrees/45 degrees/90 degrees CW/CCW
Optional 0.86:1 speed increase on pump tower
SAE #0 input housing
SAE 460 (18”) input coupling
Optional integrated reservoir
Standard charge/lube pump included


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