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Handheld hand-held terminal / rugged
4 x 20 char, max. 57 600 pbs | 80 series TWO TECHNOLOGIES


  • Options:

    handheld, rugged


Looking for a rugged and fully functional ANSI (VT-100) compatible hand held? The 80 Series line of hand held Rugged Terminals provide you with an industrial solution that offers flexible operation. The ANSI 3.64 (VT-100) compatibility makes it the perfect hand held solution for existing products.

Nearly every aspect of operation—from the viewing angle (contrast control) to the function key definitions—are easily changeable utilizing simple menu selections or direct host control. Ten distinct function keys can be redefined as characters or strings (maximum of 200 bytes overall) and saved in non-volatile memory. I/O configurations include RS-232, RS-422 as well as standard CMOS/TTL logic levels. A rechargeable battery, or the ability to use commercially available alkaline batteries, for portable applications is one of many options available. A retractable hanger comes standard with the non-battery unit.