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Operator terminal with keyboard / panel-mount / display
4 x 20 char, max. 115.2 kbps | PSMT TWO TECHNOLOGIES


  • Interface:

    with keyboard

  • Mounting:


  • Application:



Looking for a fully programmable panel mount terminal? The PSMT is a rugged, full-featured programmable terminal that is ideally suited to a variety of applications where a level of complexity above that found in simple ASCII terminals is required. A comprehensive Applications Programming Interface (API) allows a programmer to access services provided by the Operating System (OS). Through the API, a variety of functions from simple display manipulation to high level operations are easily put under direct application control.

The PSMT features 448K bytes of FLASH EEPROM and 512K bytes of battery backed static RAM. The PSMT is programmable using either "C" or Assembly language on your PC. Interface options Including RS-232, RS4-22 or RS-485 are available. With 5 digital I/O lines, the PSMT provides you with the ability to interface to a wide variety of devices.

Selling globally? The PSMT offers a variety of optional character sets such as Latin 1 or European. What better way to give your products a competitive edge!