Coated abrasive
TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG


This lineup of abrasives are coated and have more than 500 products. These include TFC-Discs, sheets, belts, clothes, rolls, vulcanized fiber discs and an extremely superior innovation: TYROLIT Natural Fibre Disc that bills itself as a distinct disc that is a blend of grinding power and a superior level of working convenience. The arrangement of this natural fiber disk is crafted with natural jute fibers.

Its design allows it to not conserve natural resources but also makes it immune to humidity and offers a tenacious yet flexible structure that results in ease of use even on uneven work pieces. There is no need for a for an extra back up pad as it is already embedded into the product hence eradicates the chances of over heating the back up pad.


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