surface treatment wheel / cylindrical / vitrified-bonded CBN / for crankshafts
GENIS TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski



  • Function:

    surface treatment

  • Type:


  • Abrasive:

    vitrified-bonded CBN

  • Other characteristics:

    for crankshafts, for camshafts


External cylindrical grinding with vitrified bonded CBN high-performance grinding tools

Following intensive research, TYROLIT has succeeded in developing GENIS - a bond system that ensures optimum wetting and coating of the CBN grain, even with extremely low bond content. By selecting the composition of the bond, at the right firing conditions crystallisation is controlled in a targeted manner. This enables the production of porous textures with high mechanical strength, which feature maximum resistance to the effect of cooling lubricants. The cool grinding specifications of our GENIS highest performance tools enable you to purposely reduce grinding forces and so make the most efficient use of the CBN grain. In all applications, practical experience shows that reduced grinding forces enable minimal wear and maximum profile retention.

High adhesion strength of the CBN and optimum resistance to cooling lubricants
New high-performance CBN grain qualities
Optimised chipping space (porosity) and cool grinding
Reduced grinding forces
Neutral zone