surface treatment wheel / cylindrical / vitrified-bonded CBN
CSS ULTRA TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski



  • Function:

    surface treatment

  • Type:


  • Abrasive:

    vitrified-bonded CBN


Tyrolit CSS-ULTRA takes external cylindrical grinding to new levels. It improves productivity and provides cost savings. It reduces grinding times, resulting in lower grinding costs per piece. It also needs lower dressing amounts. It provides high grinding speeds up to 125 m/s.

CSS-ULTRA is useful for a variety of applications. In the bearing industry it can be used for races of internal rings, outer diameter of external rings, spherical rollers and a range of shafts. IN automotives, it is useful in camshafts, balancer shafts, crankshafts, and contours in valves, CV joints, and fuel injection parts. Within the gear industry, it is used for drive shafts and transmissions. In tool manufacturing, it can serve in contour of several tools, such as thread grinding. It can also be used in general machine construction.

CSS-ULTRA excels in all the key features needed in a cylindrical grinding tool such as roundness, accuracy of dimensions, shape, waviness, condition and finish of surface and time needed for grinding.

With CSS-ULTRA, TYROLIT has made new advances in micro-architecture of the grinding wheel with superior grade materials and the advanced sintering technology. Due to this, the abrasive grain can handle higher loads while eliminating any premature breakages.