finishing wheel / cylindrical / electroplated CBN
POLARIS BASIC / POLARIS PLUS TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski



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  • Abrasive:

    electroplated CBN


The Polaris, manufactured by Tyrolit, is a cylindrical plunge grinding that features an electroplated CBN high performance grinding tool. This tool provides users specialized target zones with the highest stage of tool wear. It offers an utmost profile precision with an excellent quality of security during operations. This device also consists of uniform implanting attributes that are present in many complex profiles. Through these given features, Polaris is therefore capable of having a long tool life for continuous operation and can be replated for more than once.

This product may also contribute to its users through the reduction of operation costs, as well as by providing them with experienced processing engineers to aid users in the usage of the device.