laboratory sterilizer / steam / vertical
VAC-LS series U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Laboratory/process:


  • Sterilization method:


  • Other characteristics:



1. Auto-control type
2. Structure of hand wheel type quick-door-open safety interlock device (accord with the 49th requirement of Vessel Regulations)
3. Material: outer and chamber are made of high quality stainless steel SUS304,
4. Acid proof, alkali resistance, anti-corrosive
5. Microcomputer intelligent control
6. Pressure safety interlock device, over temperature protection device
7. Auto-raising type packing ring, exhaust cold air automatically
8. High and low water level alarm, auto-control when lack of water
9. Temperature range (0°C-135°C), time range (0-999min)
10. Max. Design/work pressure (0.25MPa-0.22MPa)
11. Auto-exhaust when over pressure
12. Inner circulation exhausts type, with 3L steam collection bottle
13. Auto drain with buzzer remind after sterilization and close-down automatically
Three control modes:
a. heating-sterilization-exhaust
b. heating-sterilization-pulse exhaust
c. heating-sterilization-without exhaust

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