oil analyzer / water / benchtop / automatic
OT-EP3000 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Measured entity:

    oil, water

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, infrared


Meeting the standard: Conform to national standard"HJ637-2012 water quality the determination of petroleum and animal and plant oil Infrared photometric method"
Technical principle: According to 11.1637-2012 standard, with the method of magnetic stirring extraction ,using carbon tetrachloride to extract oil substances in the water, then use oil water separation membranes to replace anhydrous sodium sulfate isolating impurities and moisture, isolate oil and carbon tetrachloride solution, determine the oil content of total extract.
Using department of instrument:
Environment monitor system, petrochemical, hydrology and water conservancy, water supply company, sewage treatment works, thermal power plant, iron and steel enterprise, teaching and research work in university, agricultural environmental monitoring, Railway environmental monitoring, automobile making, marine environmental monitoring, transport environment monitoring, environmental scientific researches, inspection room, used in laboratory.
Instrument application range:
The equipment is mainly used in the measurement of oil content in the surface water, groundwater, industry waste water.