fused cast refractory material
RT-M U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited

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fused cast refractory material fused cast refractory material - RT-M


  • Type:

    fused cast


RT-M is composed of corundum, β- Alumina and small amount of glass phase. It has superior corrosion resistance at the temperature up to 1350℃, zero bubble rate and pollution free to molten glass. It is an ideal material for the sidewall, paver of cooling zone or working end and the float canals of high quality glass furnaces.

Typical chemical composition
Al2O3 94.2%
Na2O 3.8%
SiO2 1.2%

Typical crystallographic Analysis
α- Alumina 45%
β- Alumina 53%
glass phase 2%

Characteristic properties
Static Glass corrosion resistance (soda-lime glass,1350℃*48h) 0.3mm/d
Bubble exhalation rate 0%
Cold crushing strength 200MPa

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