water vapor permeability tester / for fabric
VPT-121D U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Test type:

    water vapor permeability

  • Tested product:

    for fabric


Product Features:
For plastic films, laminated films, fabrics, leather, solar cells, building materials and other materials, as well as the vapor permeability test of tableware, health, medical, textile and leather, and other fields of materials.
Determination of vapor transmission rate, quality of control materials, and provide accurate technical parameters of product quality inspection and control. Films, bottles and bags can be measurable.

Working Principle:
Both weigh gain and weight loss method. Control test environment temperature, humidity, wind speed, fixed humidity difference form on two sides of samples; vapor goes through the sample into the dry side. Lift permeable cup using air cylinder mechanism, weigh permeable cup in even space. Measure the weight of sample cup according to decreased amount of time, and analyze the vapor permeability and vapor permeability coefficient.

Application Characteristics:
1. Automatic test: just set the temperature, humidity, and warm-up time and stop conditions, after that, test begins automatically; automatically determine the end of the trial and save the test results;
2. Power-off saving function; full monitoring and automatic recording; sampling rate is adjustable;
3. Humidifier automatically supply water, could test for one month continuously;
4. Monitor in a whole-process, record in real-time ,the entire testing process can reproduce; powerful graphics curve function, convenient for comparative testing and analysis;

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