oxygen transmission rate tester / detector / with pseudo-random signal intensification-polarization
DPG-V2 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Test type:

    for oxygen transmission rate

  • Tested product:


  • Other characteristics:

    with pseudo-random signal intensification-polarization


Product function:
It is applied to various gas permeation rate detection, such as O2,CO2,N2 and air, etc, in plastic film, composite membrane, High-barrier materials, sheet, metal foil, rubber, etc.

Operating principle:
Using the principle design of differential pressure method, put treated sample in the middle of upper and bottom chamber in advance. Pressure tightly and seal, pick up the suction to the whole system, after reaching the required vacuum degree, close bottom chamber, fill with certain test gas to high pressure chamber, and adjust upper chamber pressure, keep on two sides of the sample forming constant air pressure gradient difference, the gas is under the action of differential pressure gradient, permeating from high-pressure side (upper chamber) to vacuum side (bottom chamber). Accurately measure vacuum chamber (bottom chamber) intensity of pressure variation, calculate various barrier property parameters of test sample. Fully conform to the standard ASTM D1434.

Application characteristic
High speed vacuum ability, reduce the vacuum time, degassing more thoroughly, reduce the test error.
Short test time, high efficiency;
Could extend to test bottle, bag;
Save when power failure functions;
Little gas consumption, one bottle of gas could be used for one month continuously.
A whole-process monitor, automatic recording, sampling rate could be adjusted, automatically repeat the test.
The whole process could reappear in whole process, Strong graph curve function, convenient for comparison test and analysis;

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