intensification-polarization measuring instrument / dual-channel / portable
DCP100 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



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  • Other characteristics:

    dual-channel, portable


It is suitable for all kinds of different terrain mineral, water resources quick census.
The only frequency domain intensification-polarization instrument which is sold over one thousand set in the world.
Precipitation technology and promotion in thirty-five years

1.1 Description
Instrument advantages:
1. high and low frequency simultaneously send, simultaneously receive , interference cancel each other out , strong anti-industrial interference ability.
2. rapid observation speed, high work efficiency
Affected little by the current change, don’t need steady flow
Fast reading and rapid stabilization
Can choose one send and more receive
3. portable and flexible, supply current is only 1/10 ~ 1/20 of time domain IP, the power could be supplied by storage battery or battery , especially suitable for field work of complex terrain.
Could use copper electrode as AB source electrode and MN receiver electrode
4. Powerful built-in function
Full temperature automatic compensation
Gain adjustment support automatic and manual
Could switch frequency point many times after verifying one time
Could look at the data and data curve at any time in the work
Specimens can be tested