intensification-polarization measuring instrument / with pseudo-random signal
PSI100 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



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    with pseudo-random signal


1.1 Description
Pseudorandom signal intensification-polarization instrument makes 2n sequence pseudorandom signal successfully applied in geophysical equipment, one kind of frequency domain multi frequency motivation polarization method, which is the new style intensification-polarization instrument widely used in nonferrous metals mineral resource exploration, such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc , etc, and other geological targets prospecting.
The main advantage is simultaneously observing amplitude and phase position corresponding with multi frequency induced polarization, automatically calculate apparent frequency and apparent resistivity, could be used to find abnormity , research and evaluate anomalous properties, distinguish metal mines abnormity and carbonaceous rock stratum abnormity.
Advantages of transmitter:
phase position in the magnitude is equivalent to secondary field of time domain induced polarization , to ensure measurement accuracy of phase signal, and improve SNR ( Signal to Noise Ratio ) of strong interference region , such as mine area, transmitter maximum current 20A, maximum voltage 800V

Furthest reduce the grounding resistance to improve supply current

Advantages of receiver:
1. Could look at the data and data curve any time;
2. full temperature self-compensating;
3. gain adjustment support automatic and manual
4.GPS and constant temperature crystal dual-clock synchronization technology, accurate and reliable absolute phase measurement
5. small body size of receiver, easy to carry, fully charged could work for 15 hours continuously