tensile strength tester / detector / horizontal
HST-T U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



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    tensile strength

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  • Other characteristics:



1. Embedded intelligent control, automation test process;
2. Using high-precision load cell, measuring accuracy: 0.001N;
3. High-speed sampling for precision measurement;
4. No mechanical knob, all-digital systems, digital correction and zeroing
5. Test host computer software and dual control structure, can also be tested without a computer;
6. Precision ball screw driver, differential stepping drive, running smoothly, no noise;
7. Test Data is displayed by LCD, standard RS232 computer communication function;
8. Tensile testing, tensile strength and energy test;
9. Professional software support, the interface is beautiful, test report is exquisite;
10. Group test data, statistical analysis, the embedded data makes test results more accurate;
11. Ergonomically optimized design of the control panel, easy operation;
12. In line with GB, ISO, ASTM and other test standards;

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