plastic pendulum impact tester / for metals
PIT-A U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Applications:

    for plastics, for metals


1. Simple structure, easy operation;
2. Calculate the scale precisely, and accurately returns to zero;
4. Dial plate data display, the minimum scale value: 0.02J
Technical Specifications:
Maximum impact energy 3J
Minimum Scale Value 0.02J
Sample Size 100 × 100 or Φ100
Specimen Clamp Diameter Φ89, Φ60, Φ50
Punch Size Φ25.4, Φ12.7
Swing Range R300
swing Angle 90 °
Standard Configuration Host, Sample Clamp(Φ89mm, Φ60mm, Φ50mm one each),
punch (Φ25.4mm, Φ12.7mm one each)

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