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PT-XH-5332 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited

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The instrument is specially designed and manufactured based on national standards petrochemical "Test Method for temperature ignition of flammable liquids and gases". It’s applicable for the determination of the ignition temperature of flammable chemically pure liquids and gases in air at atmospheric pressure (self-ignition temperature).
The instrument consists of a metallic high-temperature furnace, furnace and furnace bottom and lid are provided with different power heaters. This machine is adapted to the user to do the test temperature of the sample, especially the addition of stainless steel 200ml Erlenmeyer flask 1, the test sample is higher than 200 ℃.
This instrument adopts the intelligent digital temperature controller, so that the temperature is more uniform throughout the furnace, and good temperature tracking effect, heating speed, to save test time users.
The instrument is convenient for the user to observe the hole to ignite the situation, particularly on the main furnace installed mirror, you can adjust the angle of the mirror to observe the situation of ignition.

Technical parameters
1. Power: 220V AC ± 10%, 50Hz
2. Furnace heating power: 1500W
3. Neck heating power: 300W
4. Bottom heating power: 300W
5. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 800 ℃
6. Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃
7. Ambient temperature: about room temperature 25 ℃
8. Relative humidity: 30 to 80%

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