soldering testing device / for printed circuits / electronics manufacturing
SUNY-CIE006 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Test type:


  • Test material:

    for printed circuits

  • Domains/applications:

    electronics manufacturing


Custom solder bump height testing machine

Our factory can custom all the industria equipment.We are professional manufacturer in the electronics manufacturing field.
We can custom all the machines for the automatic production line.

Our company already custom the following machines for our customer:
Custom Pick and place machine
Custom Automatic cleaning machine(Tray exchange)
Custom PSA Preheat machine
Custom PSA pick and place machine
Custom PC D22 Solder Bump Height Measurement Machine
Custom Exchange ringer flex to bracket Automation
Custom Graphite P&P Machine
Custom UV glue height measurement Automatio
Custom Switch to Bracket Automation
Custom Auto install stiffener for SMT
Custom Automatic Inkjet Printer
Custom Concept Design for BABI Machine
Custom QSMC Packing Machine
Custom Bending machine
Custom Flex Pick and place machine
Custom Automatic labelling machine
Custom Automatic glue dispenser
Custom Mylar press machine
Industrial automation customization equipment
Industrial automation Customized equipment
Industry Automation Solutions
Electronic Industry Automation Solutions

If you want to custom any machines for your automatic production line, please feel free to contact us.


1:Max work area:300 mm×300 mm
2:Product thickness:2mm—10mm
3:Min move distance:0.004mm
4:XY Repeatability precision:±0.003mm
5:Max conveyor width:50-300mm
6:Conveyor parallelism:<0.5mm
7:Motion driving system:High speed DSP digital high voltage driving with ball-screw guiderail
8:X/Y motion type :A new generation of linear interpolation linkage
9:Measurements precision:0.005mm