PCB engraving machine / milling / automatic
SUNY-ZDK320 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Applications:

    for PCB

  • Other characteristics:

    milling, automatic


1. Usage: automatic line carving, drilling and milling edge for circuit board;
2. Maximum working size: 320mm×320mm
3. Working mode: 2.5 d double-sided processing mode;
4. All module driving mode, three step motor modules + driving chip united to drive XYZ axis moving;
5. Casting fuselage, Y axis moves driving beam arm move, in sculpture and drilling process,
6. Random configuration of processing data auxiliary processing software, data directly into the machine without any external software;
7. With function of X, Y, Z axis hardware and software limit
8. High power spindle motor, higher processing precision, with memory function without electricity, no worries about outage;
9. Handle human-computer interface: 128 * 64 dot matrix liquid crystal display + 18 multi-function keys, with simple and intuitive operation;
10. Processing precision: ±0.05mm;
11. Repeat precision: 0.01mm;
12. Minimum processing line width: 4mil;Minimum line gap 6 mil above;
13. Suitable drilling flower: 0.3mm~3.175mm Drilling handle: 3.175mm;
14. Suitable milling cutter: 1mm~3mm Cutter handle: 3.175mm;
15. Processing speed: 0~3m/min(actual-time adjustable);
16. Spindle motor: 800W frequency conversion motor The highest speed 60000 revolves/min;
17. Step motor: 35W four phase step motor*3;
18. Shaft driving mode: entire advanceding screw driving
19. Spindle movements itinerary: 60mm;
20. With mating PC control software, lifetime free upgrades
21.Working power: AC220V/50Hz 1000W;
22. Overall dimension: main engine: 650mm×610mm×530mm;
control cabinet: 550mm×400mm×250mm;
23. Net weight: 105KG.

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