gas chromatograph / laboratory / TCD
CH-GC-03 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited

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gas chromatograph / laboratory / TCD gas chromatograph / laboratory / TCD - CH-GC-03


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There is a wide LCD display in English, with comprehensive and direct content, with user-friendly criteria setting, it is integrated with automated micro-computer monitored spark unit and has balanced and dependable zeroing, which avoids the unstable condition of baseline caused by potentiometer zeroing. There is functionality for eight-order temperature programming, with incorporated dual intelligent automated cooling system which has the function of frequency transformation and opens the door from the back. This kind of system makes under room temperature operations easy and possible.
Technical data comprises of room temperature +8℃-420℃ temperature spectrum, with column chamber, sensor, TCD and injector temperature-relying objects. There is a ±0.1℃ within 200℃ and ±0.2℃ of over 200℃ temperature precision with five-order linear elevation temperature programming and 0.1-30℃/min adding 0.1℃ of elevation rate.

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