iron analyzer / thickness / benchtop / real-time
CL-ACA-03 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



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    real-time, automatic, laboratory, biochemistry


Lab-Kits' automated biochemistry analyzer is used for the processing of large portions of samples that go into hospitals or private medical laboratories. The instrument features an automatic testing order which reduces the waiting time and enhances the testing speed. A standalone, freon-free refrigeration system protects the reagent from environmental factors and guarantees its quality. A dynamic real-time reaction curve which monitors the disabled reagent is also a feature of the product. To automatically dilute the sample, the reaction curve can be prompted to high thickness.

A testing speed of 200 samples per hour and a sample plate which can accommodate 45 samples efficiently enhance the processing of samples. The types of tests which can be performed through the instrument are tests on enzyme levels , ion levels, and other tell-tale chemicals.

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