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    ash fusibility

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The Ash Fusion Tester is efficiently engineered to deliver excellent precision in the measurement of ash fusion in coal ash samples. The tester incorporates a furnace that can produce temperature ranges of 0°C to 1520°C with optimized accuracy in temperature control. The tester displays a minimal error margin of less than 5°C in controlling the applied temperature.

The tester can efficiently test three samples in each round of testing. Its power requirement is 220V at 50-60 Hz. Its maximum power limit is ≤ 5KW. It has a resolution of 1°C. The rate at which the temperature rises in the furnace is 15 to 20°C/min for an increase from 0-850°C, 1 to 15°C/min for an increase from 850-900°C/min and 5°C ±1°C/min for an increase from 900°C to 1500°C.

All system processes such as temperature control, monitoring and maintaining the furnace at optimal temperatures are automatically accomplished by a computer. The system is equipped with the avant-garde CCD imaging technology. This facilitates automatic graphic plotting of the ash cone, storing in memory and generating print outs if required. Sampling rates are 1-4 samples per round of testing including one sample as standard. The device is equipped with a unique heating element and furnace is structured from a specialized heat resistant material.

The cabinet that houses the tester is 400mm×550mm×600mm in dimension while the tester's weight is 65kgs. It is perfectly qualified for use in industries such as commodity checking, paper-making, coal, electric power, collate industry, chemicals, science and research laboratories, metallurgy, environmental protection, etc.

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