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MR-BK Series U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited

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laboratory refrigerator-freezer laboratory refrigerator-freezer - MR-BK Series


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The MR-BK series is an instrument manufactured by Lab-Kits technology. It is a blood bank refrigerator that maintains the temperature constancy in the box at 4±1℃.

The temperature set-value can be adjusted at 2℃~6℃. The temperature display precision is 0.1℃, the resolution is 0.1℃ and the adjusting increment is 0.1℃.

The unit has a keyboard lock, password protection, and method against missing adjustment of the operating parameter. It also sets the alarm temperature range. The code display of the failure position is sometimes incorporated to the alarms. It was equipped with remote alarm interface.

Its system records the condition of the maximum and the minimum temperature inside the box automatically without recording paper. On such, it adapts the original binding in Germany.

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