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The Microwave Moisture Analyzer is used for testing the moisture in carbon, heavy oil, coal and mineral for numerous industries. For coal quality the moisture is 10g to 12g for a diameter <6mm. The inner moisture level is 1±0.2g for a diameter of <0.2mm with 13 samples being tested each time. For all moisture testing, there are 6 samples at a time. The testing time is between 15 to 20 minutes. Due to the use of an electronic balance, the device gives repeatable and stable results each time, and can show both all-moisture and air-dry basis moisture of two samples of coal with one test, rather than just one.

The microwave leaking is minimal, exceeding the ASTM requirement. It operates on a power supply of 220V, 50/60Hz and a maximum power of ≤1.5KW. The Microwave Moisture Analyzer's cabinet has dimensions of 510mm x 370mm x 600mm and weighs 35 kgs. The computer is able to control sample weighting automatically and ascertain whether moisture has evaporated. The results are then calculated, saved and printed. For a shorter measuring time with stable and reliable results, microwave drying can be used.

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