optical spectrometer / laboratory / for the food industry / ICP-MS
ICP-TY-9900 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Type:


  • Field:

    laboratory, for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:


  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 414.3 nm

    Min.: 342.2 nm


Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer is used sample analysis in a variety of applications such as - machinery, steel, geology, metallurgy, rare earth and magnetic materials, environment, medical industry, biology, marine, petroleum, new chemical materials, nuclear industry, agriculture, food inspection, water quality and other fields.

This instrument can detect nearly 70 kinds of major and trace elements quickly and accurately. The technical specifications are - it has analysis speed of 10 elements per minute, precision of relative standard deviation RSD ? 2%, stability of relative standard deviation RSD ? 3% (one-hour measurement). The linear range of measurement is greater than 0.9995%. Low detection limits of 36 elements are listed in the following table. The Radio Frequency generator (RF) features inductive feedback, self-oscillating circuit, coaxial cable output Match is tuning, power feedback to take automatic closed-loop control.

The sample introduction system has 3ncentric quartz pipes. The scanning optical splitter has Ion etching holographic gratings with the focal length of 1000mm/750mm. The main features of the instrument are 1. RF output with high stability, stable light source, and low detection limit.

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