gold analyzer / benchtop / multi-channel / automatic
DRS-TY-9610 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



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    multi-channel, automatic


Photoelectricity Direct Reading Spectrometer/ Stationary Metal Analyzer is used for sample analysis of Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ag and other metals and their alloys. The device includes multitude of technical features. It includes 45 channels with 160nm ~ 650nm wide range analysis wave band. The short detection time is generally less than 30 seconds and varies as per different types of samples. The metal analyzer features 1. 750 mm focal length grating, high vacuum, high resolution and high sensitivity.

The electronic system of the analyzer features cage of international standard, high integrated circuit design with low failure rate. The device features an optical system configuration, ar-type structure, 75 mm radius of curvature. The analyzer offers 30 × 50mm characterization area with 2400 lines / mm characterization density, 300nm first grade blazed wavelength and 0.55nm/mm linear dispersion. The automatic control of vacuum valves ensures vacuum stability of the spectroscopy room, improves optical system's stability and minimizes oil vapor pollution.

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