flash-point testing device / materials / semi-automatic
PT-SYD-3536B U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



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This Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester is a semi-automatic model with a digital display. It’s designed in accordance with the National Standard GB/T3536 for fire point and flash point testing methods of petroleum products. It’s also designed on par with fire point and asphalt flash point test methods. The product can also be used determine the flash point of bituminous materials and petroleum products. Equipped with advanced system software and adopting microprocessor techniques, the tester can do a variety of tasks, including controlling temperature, detecting flash points, applying flames, etc. The test data can be printed out automatically. This unit has a six digits display, which includes 4 digits for the temperature and 2 for the time. The ambient temperature during operation is 20±5℃, and the relative humidity is < 80%.

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