sulfur analyzer / oil / temperature / benchtop
PT-SYD-17040 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Measured entity:

    sulfur, oil

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The X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur in Oil Analyzer from Lab-kits is designed to measure the sulfur content in petroleum products. It integrates the energy-dispersive principle and a robust design to provide a quick and reliable measurement. It is suitable to use with various products in wide measurement range.

This device adheres to the requirements of the National Standard GB/T 17040 and GB/T11140 on repeatability and reproducibility. It has a measurement range of 7 ppm to 5, repeatibility of <0.029, and reproducibility of <0.063. It also adopts fluorescence intensity ratio analysis methods which allows it to make correction to temperature and pressure automatically and provide proper carbon to hydrogen ratio. Furthermore, the analyzer also has a self-diagnostic function designed to sense the working state and electrical parameters.

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