corrosion test chamber
PT-SYD-5096A U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited

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corrosion test chamber corrosion test chamber - PT-SYD-5096A


  • Type:


  • Temperature:

    100 °C (212 °F)


The Copper Strip Corrosion Tester is designed and manufactured to comply with the National Standard GB/T5096. It is used in test methods for detecting copper corrosion from petroleum products.

The corrosion tester is useful for determining corrosive levels of aviation gasoline, jet fuels, vehicle gasoline, natural gasoline, hydrocarbon with Reid vapor pressure lower than 124 kPa, solvent oil, diesel oil, distillate oil, lubricating oil and other petroleum products. When in use, the unit should be placed on a flat and stable workbench. The user should not put test bomb containing high pressure natural gas or other products, in to a bath of 100℃, and should keep away from any flame, as it is testing flammable materials.

The tester works with a power supply rate of 220 V±10%, at 50 Hz.

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