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UV disinfection unit / water
PP/SS ACN Series Ultraaqua



  • Options:

    UV, water

  • Flow:

    Max.: 550 m³/h (19,423.07 ft³/h)

    Min.: 20 m³/h (706.29 ft³/h)


ACN series, Certified and approved for low UVT (from 40 -70%)

ULTRAAQUA’s ACN Series is parallel to its SS and PP Series. It has been designed for high turbidity water applications. A more compact design reduces the distance between lamps and eliminates “dark areas” resulting from low UVT.

- Designed for varying or poor water qualities
- Suitable for high-risk applications such as hospitals, biotech and ultrapure water applications
- 350 PP and SS Series approved for treatment of intake water for aquaculture by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute
- Available with the same features and options as the standard 220 and 350 series