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Air filter / compressed air / sterile / pressure
P-SRF series Ultrafilter GmbH


  • Designed for:

    air, compressed air

  • Other characteristics:

    sterile, pressure, chemical


The Ultrafilter P-SRF is a high-efficient depth filter with an inner and outer support made of stainless steel. It achieves a retention rate of 99.99998% related to 0,01 µ. The three-dimensional, binder-free depth filter media has a void volume of 95 %. This guarantees a high dirt holding capacity and low differential pressure together with high flow rates.

All components comply with the FDA regulations for contact with food according to CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) title 21.

Features and Benefits:

* The filter medium is non-fibre releasing.
* Manufactured without the use of binders or other chemical additives.
* Up to 100 sterilisation cycles.
* The filter element corresponds to CGMP requirements (Current Good Manufacturer Practise) and is produced according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
* The P-SRF filter has passed the toxicological tests according to USPXX Class VI.


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