AC motor / induction / with built-in electromagnetic brake / explosion-proof
ASAF umeb



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with built-in electromagnetic brake, explosion-proof, flameproof, squirrel cage

  • Power:

    Max.: 90 kW (122.366 hp)

    Min.: 0.18 kW (0.245 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    Max.: 1,500 rpm (9,424.78 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 750 rpm (4,712.39 rad.min-1)


The ASAF model is an explosion-proof asynchronous electric motor with break that is generally used in various industrial drives that include pumps, cooling fans, compressors and conveyor bands to name a few. This electric motor is characterized by its solid mechanical design that is based on motors that are protected by explosion. However, it is not specifically intended for potentially explosive environments. The motors are capable of running on different working conditions.