storage warehouse shelving / for medium loads / box / dynamic
ShelfTrack UNEX Manufacturing


  • Type:

    storage warehouse

  • Capacity:

    for medium loads

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ShelfTRACK carton flow is the original full-width-roller track that replaces existing plastic wheel tracks. "Drop-in" design for fast, easy installation in your flow rack shelves.

ShelfTRACK full-width rollers provide total carton support and superior flow. Rugged steel side channels and axles, and aluminum rollers withstand tough handling in any environment. Backed by a Seven Year Warranty.

Maintenance-Free: ShelfTRACK eliminates the high cost of replacing damaged plastic wheel tracks without altering your shelves or rack structure.

Track Length: ShelfTRACK sections are available in "to-the-inch" cut lengths from 3' to 12'. To determine track length required, measure the length of the plastic wheel lanes to be replaced or measure the clear distance between the inside of the shelf's back angle and the inside of the front angle. Sections can be spliced end-to-end to create longer runs.