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electric pallet truck / handling / transport / for warehouses
MDW / MDE series UniCarriers Europe AB



  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    handling, transport, for warehouses, high-lift, order-picking, double-pallet

  • Load:

    1,800 kg, 700 kg, 1,600 kg, 2,000 kg (3,968.32 lb)


These dependable pedestrian pallet trucks can be vital part of any material handling operation - whether you’re replenishing goods on a shop floor, transporting items over short distances in the warehouse, or even order picking.

The MD series has two models - the MDE, which has a forklift to allow higher lifting, and the MDW, a standard low-lifter.

Unlike UniCarriers’ other walkie trucks, the tiller arm on the MD trucks is placed in the centre of the chassis - a familiar configuration which will allow operators to get moving at normal efficiency, with no delays or adjustment time.