LCD monitor / panel-mount / for rotating torque measurements
TM700 UNIPULSE Corporation



  • Technology:


  • Mounting:


  • Applications:

    for rotating torque measurements

  • Screen size:

    Min.: 96 mm

    Max.: 96 mm


UTMII/UTMV series can be easily connected to TM700 with the supplied cable. With the high-speed sampling rate of 20kS/s, TM700 can support the high response time of UTMII/UTMV (1kHz). Fluctuation of torque, rotation speed, and power over a short period of time can be displayed.
Torque monitor for UTMⅡ/UTMV.
Display the curves of torque, rotation speed, and power.
Enable the cogging torque measurement with UTMII/UTMV.
Easy connection to UTMⅡ/UTMV with one cable.
Operation power can be supplied to the UTMⅡ/UTMV (and to the optional rotary encoder as well).
Upper/lower limits & hold function.
Ideal for applications such as nut runners, motor test benches, engine test bench, mixer, wind power generation, etc….