cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow / ceiling-mount
SCA / SCB United Air Specialists



  • Technology:


  • Backflushing:

    pulse-jet backflow

  • Other characteristics:


  • Output:

    2,000 ft³/min, 2,500 ft³/min (57 m³/min)


Ensure effective dust collection even when floor space is limited with SCA / SCB ceiling-mount cartridge dust collectors. Model SCA provides ambient air cleaning enabling workers to move about freely, while the SCB is equipped with two XA Extraction Arms for excellent source capture. Available for 2,000 and 2,500 CFM (1,000 CFM per arm on Model SCB), both dust collectors ensure easy, tool-free dust drawer and cartridge filter change outs.

Models SCA / SCB Cartridge Dust Collector Features
Inlet baffle - slows down air for even distribution to cartridges and improves overall cleaning
"QuickSeal" release doors - provide fast filter removal and maintenance with one simple hand movement
Safety cable - secures "QuickSeal" release doors while filters are changed overhead
Optimized cartridge cleaning system - offers maximized cleaning power as a result of spring-fee-pulse valves and optimized nozzles
Removable dust drawers - offers large-capacity storage and easy removal of collected particles
No internal yokes - allows cartridge rotation, which aids in dust release
External motor / blower - offers easy access for routine service and maintenance
Magnehelic or optional photohelic pressure gauge - monitors pressure and indicates when filters need to be changed
Powder- coated finish - prevents fading and chalking