semi-automatic L-sealer / electronically controlled / high-speed / tabletop
2Z-HVS-100 unitemp



  • Operating mode:

    semi-automatic, electronically controlled

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, tabletop


2 Zone High Vacuum Sealer for sealing of MEMS-Packagings under high vacuum

(up to 10exp.-6 hPa) with high reliability hermetically sealing. The electronic compoment can be processes before sealing in 2 heating zones with different temperatures up to 450 °C. This allows also the getter activation. There can be processed 6 packagings in parallel (maximum 6 adapters each with 14mm diameter).

The ramp up rate is significant with 35 K/min in vacuum. The PID controller allows the storage of up to 20 programs with 100 steps each. The USB interface allows the easy programming and storage of unlimited programs. The process data can be recorded and saved as .csv or .xls data.

A key feature is the automatically positioning and sealing of the parts, whereas both parts must have the same temperature. The control of different heat-up ramp rates and/or ramp-down rates has been a huge task which was solved excellent.

The open construction behind glass allows a continuous monitoring/viewing of the process.

The electrical connection is 3,2 kW (230V AC, 1 phase) and can be attached to a standard power socket.
Water cooling is strictly required for operation.

The small dimension with 200 x 500 x 470 mm (WxHxD) and the small weight of 23,5 kg makes the system very compact and allows the placement on a small laboratory table.
This system is perfect for small series and prototype production and is a low cost solution in comparison to other production systems.