Compressed air filter / pressure
1 - 2", max. 10 bar | HZE-F series Univer Group


  • Designed for:

    for compressed air

  • Type:


  • Operating pressure:

    12 bar (174.05 psi)


The Univer HZE-F Series is an air treatment filter that is constructed with different sizes of 0, 1 and 2. These valves integrate a threaded port size of G1/4 for size 0, G3/8 to G1/2 for size 1 and G1/2 for size 2. These valves can exhibit a nominal flow rate of 1100Nl/min, 3500Nl/min, and 6500Nl/min with maximum inlet pressure of 10bar, 1MPa and 145psi.


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