pneumatic linear brake / for cylinders / rod lock
L1-N series Univer Group



  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    for cylinders, rod lock

  • Torque:

    Min.: 16 Nm (11.801

    Max.: 125 Nm (92.1953

  • Braking force:

    Min.: 200 N

    Max.: 12,300 N


Univer's L1-N Series is part of the company's pneumatic automation system product line. Models of the series of locking units for cylinders and piston rods are pre-arranged only for chromium-plated steel rods. They are switchable with the previous series of locking units, and are capable of withstanding heavy-duty capacities without issues when it comes to load variance. Fluid filtered air systems, and lube or non-lube versions are available.

The L1-N Series features ambient temperature rates of -20 to 80°C, working pressure rates of 4 to 10 bar, and release pressure levels of 4 bar. It also showcase cylindrical bore measurements that range from Ø 16 to 125 mm.