single-shaft shredder / metal / solid & bulk waste / secondary
TR2500/3200/4000 UNTHA shredding technology



  • Number of shafts:


  • Application:

    metal, solid & bulk waste

  • Other characteristics:


  • Output:

    12 t/h, 15 t/h, 18 t/h (7 lb/s)

  • Power:

    400,000 W, 250,000 W, 315,000 W

  • Rotational speed:

    220 rpm, 175 rpm (1,382 rad.min-1)


The reliable TR series was specifically designed for re-shredding fractions with high calorific value and is mainly used for secondary fuel processing. The TR is a high-performance RDF/SRF shredder that also generates high-quality end fractions in addition to having high throughput performance.

This re-shredder contains quite a bit of smart technology to increase your company's outputand the quality of your alternative fuel. The large rotary shear diameter of 1,100 mm enables a large perforated screen surface thereby providing high throughput performance. In addition, this re-shredder comes standard with a frequency transformer that regulates the rotor speed thereby optimizing the throughput performance.

The low TR series operating costs are a direct result of the low maintenance costs and the very long service life. Long maintenance intervals, short replacement time for cutting tools and an automatic central lubrication system render this re-shredder particularly low maintenance. Another highlight of this RDF/SRF shredder is its automatic foreign objects hatch. When foreign objects are pulled into the machine, the hatch opens automatically and prevents damage to the cutting unit.

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