single-shaft shredder / for wood / compact
LR700 UNTHA shredding technology



  • Number of shafts:


  • Application:

    for wood

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    18,500 W, 22,000 W

  • Rotational speed:

    98 rpm (616 rad.min-1)


The LR700 combines the need for great flexibility with a very compact design. The wood shredder is suitable for companies that want to process up to 12 m³ of residual timber per week. The LR700 single-shaft shredder can be customized depending on what your company needs.

The LR700 is a single-shaft shredder designed for medium throughput and long operating hours. Due to its sophisticated design and swivelling pusher it has a very small footprint. Thanks to the offset rotor bearing, the gear damping and the reliable cutting system, the shredder is very low maintenance and has a long service life. In the event that foreign objects are pushed into the shredder, the smart drive control automatically shuts down the motor. In addition, the shredder is equipped with an automatic reverse to prevent motor overload.

Energy-efficient technology is particularly important for machines designed for more operating hours. This is why the LR700 features the reliable and very efficient cutting system that has been tried and tested a thousand times over. It will shred your residual timber very energy-efficiently even with a low drive capacity. In addition, the motor shuts down automatically if no wood is fed into the machine for more than 3 minutes. This saves energy and simultaneously reduces operating costs.

The LR700 produces high-quality granulate, which is well suited for briquetting or thermal utilisation in wood chip furnaces. Each of our wood shredders is customized to your needs. The machines can also be equipped with a metal separator, a conveyor system or a customized hopper. We offer comprehensive solutions from one source!