counter-rotating twin-screw extruder
TDY series Useon (Nanjing) Extrusion Machinery CO., LTD



  • Number of screws:

    counter-rotating twin-screw

  • Output:

    Max.: 2,000 kg/h (4,409.2452 lb/h)

    Min.: 50 kg/h (110.2311 lb/h)

  • Screw diameter:

    Max.: 108 mm

    Min.: 5 mm


TDY Series Counter twin screw extruder
Machine design

Useon has long tradition and advantage in devolatilization and reaction extruder. Modular screw design allows TDY more flexible. We developed some special elements which balance the shearing force and dispersion effect. TDYs unique intermesh principle provide bigger exposure surface of materials which can be incorporated with vacuum system to obtain best degassing effect.

Control system

Control system can be on-site control, also remote control is available. Our experts can diagnose your machines via internet module. From button panel to industry computer, we can customize control system according your specific requirements and budget.