data connector / RS-485 / RS-232
Acc.89405 UTILCELL

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data connector / RS-485 / RS-232 data connector / RS-485 / RS-232 - Acc.89405


  • Type:


  • Format:

    RS-485, RS-232


Additional serial port RS-232 (Acc.89404) or RS-485 half-duplex (Acc.89405):

Automatic detection as Matrix II COM4.
Galvanic isolation between Matrix II and peripheral.
Configurable communication parameters (up to 115200 bps).
Communication with printer, remote display, computer or other equipments.
Mounted inside of Matrix II without welding.
Additional specifications for RS-485 (Acc.89405):

Specially suitable for installations with long distances between indicator and peripheral or computer.
Can be used to control external modules.