wall-mounted junction box / surface mounted / waterproof / IP66
AG series ABS junction box enclosure Utility Electrical Co., Ltd.



  • Mounting:

    wall-mounted, surface mounted

  • Protection level:

    waterproof, IP66

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:



Waterproofing ABS electrical junction box/enclosure

What we can do?
1. Hole cutting out
2. Cable gland
3. DIN rail pre-install
4. DIN rail-mounted wire terminal block(UL/CUL, TUV approved)

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1.High strengthened ABS, PC, refractory and UV added material, Flame retardation V0
2.High robustness, 30% more than imported similar product in thickness, with almost permanent lifespan
3.Only 1/4 of Iron junction box' net weight, easy for handle and operating, non-corrosive & good insulation
4.Housing and cover fixed well by plastic screws are hardly fall off
5.Wall mounted directly by installation holes inside
6.up to IP67 waterproofing
7. Opening hole freely upon request (size & location for cable glands)

Mode Co.Dimension (mm)Mode Co.Dimension (mm)
AG-1 50x65x55 AG-18175x175x100
AG-2 65x95x55 AG-19150x200x100
AG-3 80x110x45 AG-20150x200x130
AG-4 80x110x70 AG-21150x250x100
AG-5 80x110x85 AG-22150x250x130
AG-6 80x130x70 AG-23200x200x95
AG-7 80x130x85 AG-24200x200x130
AG-8 80x160x55 AG-25280x190x130
AG-9 80x160x95 AG-26280x190x180
AG-10100x100x75 AG-27280x280x130
AG-1180x180x70 AG-28280x280x180
AG-1280x250x70 AG-29280x340x130
AG-13125x125x75 AG-30280x340x180
AG-14125x125x100 AG-31280x380x130
AG-15125x175x75 AG-32280x380x180
AG-16125x175x100 AG-33380x190x130