water level gauge / for slurry / bulk products / weight and cable
Nivobob® 3000 UWT GmbH Level Control



  • Fluid:

    water, for slurry, bulk products

  • Technology:

    float, weight and cable

  • Display:

    direct-reading, analog

  • Other characteristics:

    for tanks, stainless steel, flange, for water reservoir management, automatic, for marine applications


This has a discontinuos level measurement for nearly all kinds of bulk goods and interface measurement. It has a easy yet reliable measuring principle. It has sensor weights in various designs ideal for each applications. It is insensitive to dust as well as dielectricity, conductivity, humidity, caking. It can be installed easily and needs no maintenance. It has precise results and can be used in hazardous areas. Can detect solids in liquids and is highly ideal for interface applications. It has a brushless motor which increases its durability as well as measuring frequency. Due to the new rope system, it has long measurement distances and long intervals between services. It also has an optional remote box NB9000 which enables remote programming as well as analysis for up to 10 units. A multitude of different process connections and accreditations ensure that Nivobob is suitable for the international market.